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Ok so here I am...I was going to say something exciting today but I don't remember what it was except that people need to be less STUPID!!! I love my job, I do, but some of the people I have to talk to are just so unbelievably...STUPID (yes the capitals are necessary and no I couldn't think of a better word...)

So the answer to the quotes are:

Gilmore Girls - Sookie and Lorelai
Friends - Ross and Chandler

And the scores are:

Sarah: 304
Daniel: 165
Jennifer: 363
Melissa: 80
Sarah: 315

Congratulations to Cousin Sarah (lol...I feel like I'm in a monastery or this sister that cousin Sarah...I amuse myself) for getting more than 300 points!! Woohoo!

So here is the new quote:

C1: You know, art’s a great investment
C2: They’re gonna look great in your apartment
C3: Yes I look forward to many years of …looking at the triangles

Good luck to all! And enjoy the sunny weather (I mean, yeah it's hot...but I always enjoy it for the first little makes me happy 'cause it's so bright and pretty outside!)
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