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Ok so here I am...I was going to update about my trip to Guelph...whenever it was that I went there...but I'm sure none of you care (it's really not that exciting) and I feel pretty crumby today so on to quote of the day!

The answer on .... the day before yesterday....was: MST3K - Crow and Miike


Sarah: 298
Daniel: 160
Jennifer: 363
Melissa: 80
Sarah: 309

Thursday's Quote:

C1: Your parents? I thought this was for you!
C2: You thought I wanted to sit by myself and eat a whole buffet of the world’s most fattening food?

Today's Quote:
C1: Yeah, yeah ok…sure…look can we…can we talk about what happened here last night?
C2: Sure, just give me a second to get all huffy and weird like you. Do you believe that whoever did something over here last night did what they did or didn’t do? I mean come on!!

Good luck all!

p.s. Sarah, I think you should have got into the final 18, I don't understand why some of those other girls did...but I did agree with many of their choices...Oh well...
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