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Do any of you remember that commercial? With that crazy rainbow guy? Who put the rainbow chocolate chips in the cookies? Oh well, even if you don't that's ok. I know that I'm old and that commercial is at least 10 years ago!

Ok so I couldn't update yesterday 'cause we went straight from church to Newmarket to celebrate some happenin' Father's Day times...I still don't know if there's an apostrophe there or there it is! Ok so the answer on Saturday was Gilmore Girls - Lorelai and Rory (good job Jen! and you get andd extra point for being the only guesser!)

So the scores are:

Sarah: 293
Daniel: 160
Jennifer: 355
Melissa: 80
Sarah: 303

Ok so yesterday's quote (Sunday -> movie quote):

C1: The map! The map! We forgot the map!
C2: Relax. I'm the map. It's all up here.
[points to his head]
C1: Oh, that's comforting

Such a good movie! I need to watch it again, I haven't in like...forever!!

And today's quote:

C1: What's the difference? We'll all be dead eventually.
C2: Does that bother you?"
C1: Yeah, it bothers me. Doesn't it bother you?"
C2: Not at all."
C1: You see, now that bothers me even more than dying bothers me, because it's people like you who live to be 120 because you're not bothered by it. How can it not bother you?"
C2: Well, I once saw this thing on TV with people who are terminally ill. Everyone of them believed that the secret of life is just to live every moment."
C1: Yeah, I've heard that. Meanwhile, I'm here with you in a parking garage in Jersey

Good luck all! See you tomorrow! And happy grocery day!
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