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Oh my word!

Ok I'll update with quote of the day later but this is for anyone who thinks Matthew Lillard is awesome (which, btw, you all should!):

In other news, I'm here in Drayton living the car. I mean, I can walk pretty much anywhere I need to go (and I actually already have this morning) but I've seen movies!! What we're attacked by aliens or a dormant volcano suddenly erupts or some type of mutant animal decides to terrorize the village? I will be stuck here with no hope of escape! Of course I'm pretty oblivious anyway so I may not even notice. But nevertheless! It's the principle of the thing!!

So other than that not too much has happened around here. Oh except last night for dinner I tried cooking this battered (bread crumb type batter, not beaten up) meat of some kind...either chicken or fish...anyway, it was pretty not good. Either I didn't cook it correctly or random food items that appear from nowhere in your freezer should never be eaten!! No joke!!


Ok! So the quote yesterday was from Friends: Ross and Rachel


Sarah: 293
Daniel: 160
Jennifer: 351
Melissa: 80
Sarah: 303

So the new quote today is:

C1: It looks far
C2: Very far
C1: Maybe if we concentrate really hard our combined psychic powers will move it closer (pause)
C2: I don’t think it’s working
C1: Aaaahh it’s my fault, I’m not focusing
C2: Yes, that must be why we can’t move a half a city block closer to us

Good luck all!
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