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ho hum...

Well I don't know why but I feel really down today. Whatever. Enough dumping on you guys! I always do that!

So anyway it's a good thing I don't work Sundays because I have a 6 day work week this week (oh rapture, oh bliss) so although I'm not thrilled to the core of my being I am happy because I have more than 40 hours scheduled for this week. Yay for overtime! Which means, basically, that once again I will have nothing to write about in lj. I am planning to try to get my resumé together today and do some cleaning. Woohoo! Good times..ish. Have I mentioned how much I hate change? I'm not unhappy that I'm finished school...I love that! I just hate that everything has to change now. :( I have to leave the theatre...which I really do need to tell them soon. I have mentioned it but I'm not sure if she remembers...Oh well...that's a job for Tuesday. Maybe. Or another day. Not today anyway.

So on to quote of the day. The answer to yesterday and Friday:

Friday - MST3K - Tom Servo
Saturday - Friends - Phoebe and Monica


Sarah: 284
Daniel: 160
Jennifer: 342
Melissa: 80
Sarah: 291

Good job and good times!

So here is the quote for today...remember, Sunday = movie quote!

C1: There's a lion in my aunt's bedroom, what am I supposed to do about that?
C2: What do I look like, a Ringling brother?
C1: But she'll be home soon.
C2: Won't she be surprised? I hope she's not allergic to cats.

Good luck all!

Later: I just watched an MST3K short and apparently all you need is to be able to cook a fabulous meal and you should have no problem gettin' yerself a man. lol...
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