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Long Time no see...

Well everybody...

I guess it's been quite awhile since my last update but my life has been pretty crazy with school and all. I find that I'm just so tired all the time. Argh. Grrrr. Etc.

Anyways, here I am with no real news. Ummmm...well I don't have school or work tomorrow so I'm going to get some serious work done (hopefully) and go shopping for my Operation Christmas Child box(es) depending on what I have money for.

I'm just so utterly words are the term over yet? Not that next term will be much better, it's just the faint sense of hope you get in between semesters. I have a test and a presentation next week. The week after that I have 2 tests and another presentation. The week after that another presentation. Add a paper and another test in there somewhere and that about sums up the rest of my life. Has anyone read Tartuffe? If you have, let me know and you can help me write my paper.

I'm trying desperately to think of something new exciting and happy to write about...nothing's coming...the Walk to Bethlehem is coming up again...we'll be kinda running it basically again...I love that...really I do...and I just keep telling myself that...well, this has to be the most boring entry ever written. Well, I hope you feel you've wasted your time wisely. Have a pleasant evening or day or whatever (I don't know when you're reading this). This is me, signing off.
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