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Good times...(empty silence because Sarah is GONE)

Ok so anyway, we had some good times over birthdayukah! Let me see if I can remember my memory is not as good as Sarah's but it doesn't mean I don't care! So I got a creepy dvd called "Let's Have a Party" or some such thing..., pretty purple princess gloves (you like that alliteration don't you?) that don't fit and make my hands look deformed which came with bracelets that don't fit and a ring that fits my pinkie, a purple cup that's like a goblet but the stem is a straw, bubbles that don't pop without actual effort, a ball 'n cup thing...that I don't know how to describe but only works when Peter uses it, Elizabethtown (super happy fun dance!!), and Just Like Heaven (another super happy fun dance!!). Good happy birthdayukah times.

Ok so here are the answers from before:

Thursday: Red Dwarf - Rimmer
Friday: Friends - Ross and Chandler
Saturday: MST3K - Servo, Crow, Mike
Sunday: America's Sweethearts - Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta-Jones

Sarah: 272
Daniel: 150
Jennifer: 326
Melissa: 82
Sarah: 278

Monday's Quote (yes that is today):
C1: Yeah I went to a wedding once where they had swing music, and two months later the couple got divorced. And I'm not saying there's any connection here, you know, but...they did tell me that's why they got divorced.
C2: But I love swing music!
C3: Yeah, but the Swing Kings? You know, they suck so much that people actually die at their concerts, they just stop living!

Good luck all!
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