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Birthdayukah is in full swing...

so I don't really think I'll have time to update over this weekend so much so another multiple update. The answer yesterday was Seinfeld - George and Seinfeld himself. Scores:

Sarah: 272
Daniel: 144
Jennifer: 315
Melissa: 82
Sarah: 272

Thursday Quote:
C1: He told me that, in a previous incarnation, I was Alexander the Great's chief eunuch

Friday Quote:
C1: Yeah, it’s really six o’clock tomorrow night our time.
C2: Ok well listen, don’t tell us what’s going to happen though because I like to be surprised

Saturday Quote:
C1: He can’t decide if he’s a creeper, a peeper, a stalker, a walker, a back breaker…
C2: In today’s market you can’t afford not to diversify
C3: We’re into some deep creeping here

Sunday Quote (movie):
C1: I bet you've never read a book in your life.
C2: Ha! I read *all four* of the Harry Potter books

Good luck all!
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