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November 1st? When did that happen?

I'm kinda happy and kinda scared that it's already November 1st. I mean, honestly, I only have a few more weeks of school's just that I have sooooo much to do in such a short period of time. I know, that's just so deep and so true for everyone in school right now...or at least most of us. But at the same time I'm like TOtally excited that Christmas is coming. I'm also getting kinda excited about going shopping in Toronto on Saturday.

Anything new? Well, the last time I wrote was just before my major psycho stress attacks on both Wednesday night and all day Thursday.I do not wish to relive those moments so I won't write about that...although trivial pursuit on Friday was ok...and I found out the new season 'cause it's November first and members can start ordering their tix today...

On Friday morning I had a staff meeting...I think that's honestly the first time I've been to a staff meeting and everybody (including Alex, who was running the meeting) was there. In fact, I've never been to a meeting where Alex has been there. Problem though...the staff Christmas party is on Dec 20 and it's at East Side Mario's and I really really don't like East Side Mario's...Cathy is totally talking like I'm coming...she hasn't asked or anything and I haven't denied it because I haven't come up with a reasonable excuse...there'll be so many people there and I am not good in large groups of people I don't know.

Well, y'all have more exciting lives than me 'cause otherwise you'll just be sent spiralling into my boring existence. Meh. Good luck! Talk to you later!
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