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Quotes for Thursday (today) to Sunday!

Well here we are already Thursday~! When did that happen?? Anyway I don't have a whole lot of time so the answer for yesterday's quote was Red Dwarf: Holly and Lister from the episode need to see that episode if you haven't already! It's fantabulous! So here are the scores:

Sarah: 241
Daniel: 145
Jennifer: 286
Melissa: 83
Sarah: 232

Thursday Quote:

C1: Should I sit down?
C2: Yes…but not there, we’ve got a post-it on that, we want to keep it nice
C1: It must be exhausting to be you

Friday Quote:

C1: They are needy, they are jumpy, and you can’t tell what they are thinking and that scares me a little bit.
C2: You’re right they are scary. Aaaaaah!! She just ate a TREAT out of my hand!

Saturday Quote:

C1: Maybe we should get married! Maybe everything we need is right here in front of us! Let’s do it!
C2: …I tell yah, I don’t see it happening

Sunday Quote: (Movie quote)

C1: It's alright, it just happened.
C2: Just happened?
C1: Yeah.
C2: You wear black 'cause you can't find anything else to wear? You found your sound 'cause you can't play no better? You just tried to kiss me because "it just happened?" You should try to take credit for something every once in a while

Good luck to ya'll and I'll see you or talk to you or whatever when I get back from the good ol' Sault Sainte Marie!
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