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Happy Grocery Day!

Ok so there is actually a small amount of news for today! Yay me! So it was grocery and I got to see Dan for the first time since February!! Yay for seeing Dan! And we had grocery day, which as always was pretty awesome - yay food! And to top it all off Dan gave me a random mp3 player!! So now I'm all cool and stuff! I mean, not as cool as an ipod but still very very very exciting!!! (It is NOT hard to make me happy lol) I'm listening to music on it RIGHT NOW!! Good times (clean you Sarah!!!!)

So the answer yesterday was Two Weeks Notice - Sandra (or Sandy :D) Bullock and Hugh Grant.


Sarah: 239
Daniel: 145
Jennifer: 279
Melissa: 83
Sarah: 225

*clapclapclap* and here is the new quote:

C1: Why couldn’t you squeeze one of those stupid rubber balls to get your stress out???? Why did you have to destroy 25 computers???
C2: You listen to me…I owe you one! (walks off whistling)

Good luck all! Oh and I was going to do the meme thing Sarah did so here it is!

Top 5 Actresses: (These are in not particular order...and more based on how much I love them as opposed to actual talent, although I truly believe they are all fabulous!)
1. Kirsten Dunst
2. Katharine and Audrey Hepburn deserve equal recognition because they are both amazing!
3. Reese Witherspoon
4. Sandra Bullock
5. Alexis Bledel

Top 5 Movies You Want To See:
1. The Lake House (& Siworae)
2. The Break-Up
3. Spider-Man 3 (It's coming up!)
4. X-Men: The Last Stand
5. Happy Feet (singing and dancing penguins? Real or not, that's awesome!)

Top 5 Movies You'd Recommend: (totally random!)
1. Big Fish
2. Walk the Line
3. Ocean's Eleven and Twelve (whether or not the bad guys win, both funny movies!)
4. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
5. Down Periscope (another undervalued yet fabulous film!)

Top 5 Songs With Highest Play Count: (right now)
1. Mood Rings - Relient K
2. Above All - Michael W. Smith
3. Take Me - Hawk Nelson
4. Courage - Superchick
5. The Music of the Night - David Rogers
(Wow...most of these totally took me by surprise)

Top 5 Weird Facts About Yourself:
1. I'm very sensitive about my feet - I hate even the idea or possibility of anyone touching them...prob'ly stems from the fact that I'm uber ticklish :P
2. I get obsessive compulsive over both tv shows and movies...if I really like a show or movie I get totally into it and don't think about much else in my spare time...
3. My absolute favourite book is "I want to go home" by Gordon Korman...every time I read it I laugh out's the only book that always does that...well, there is one Garfield comic strip that does that..but honestly, if you haven't read it, READ IT!! Especially if you're like me and don't like camp.
4. When I was little I honestly didn't think anyone could hear me when I hummed...luckily for me some random child (because when we're young we're quite frank and honest) was like why do you keep humming? And I was like "you can HEAR that??" lol...oh, me.
5. I have absolutely no desire at all to get married. And I hate trying to explain that to people. They don't understand...I'm ahead of my time :P

Top 5 Wishes:
1. Find a job that will make me happy but will give me weekends off and will be near my family and friends...I know, I know...I'm a homebody and a family girl...but I can't help it!
2. To be able to eat whatever I want and not get fat
3. Magic clothes that never need to be washed...if you spill or whatever they just "auto-clean" with no inconvenience to me (I can wish whatever I want, right?)
4. Have enough money to pay off my debts
5. A car that would never break down!

Top 5 Names:
1. Kaitlyn
3. Matthew
4. Rose
5. Mackenzie (Micki)

So that is all for today! See y'all tomorrow!
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