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I hate being sick...

Well, it's that time of year...everyone seems to be getting sick...I'm just glad it's happening now rather than at Christmas...although I had hoped it would happen at the beginning of December. Oh well.

Acquire the fire was awesome! I love it. Except that the girls beside me on the Saturday night wouldn't shut up! What's wrong with people? I don't know. I just don't know. I could never be a teacher. I'd spazz...meh. Oh, and for those of you who know who TFK (Thousand Foot Krutch)they were there. That didn't mean too much to me because I'm not a huge fan BUT on the bright side I learned something: guy can actually sing! I had no idea! I mean, it only lasted for one song...but none the less! I downloaded the song. I listen to it alot. It's a good song! They sang "Unbelievable" as well, which is the only song I's alright. I apologize for you TFK/growly singer fans for this...I'm not bashing them...they're a Christian band and they're alright if you like that kinda thing...they're just not my bag. They were, however, VERY loud. Not just usual concert loud: REALLY REALLY LOUD.

On another note, today is October 25th and tonight I get to watch It's A Wonderful Life...I'm really pumped (ok, I'd be more pumped if my throat wasn't in severe pain and my nose would shape up)! Yay Christmas! Only 2 months! Hip hip hooray! Ok, well, I should really go work on my presentation for FR332/French culture...I just don't feel motivated. I have 2 tests on Thursday and I'm not really ready for either of them, my presentation is on Wednesday and I'm not really ready for that either. I did however get my Spanish culture test back and I got a 76%!!!! That's amazing to me. I think it was the fact that questions that only gave you 4 lines to answer them were worth 7-10 marks. What's with that? The map we had to lable was out of 10 and there were only 7 places to label!!! What's with that? I dunno. I "participated" in Spanish tutorial today...basically because I'm obsessive compulsive and I'm always about 10 minutes early and the only person there at that time is the teacher who now unfortunately knows my name. This is a good thing, I suppose, because tutorials are worth 15% of the final mark...normally they're only between 5 and 10. Meh.

Well, back to the old grind...but be happy everybody, 2 months until Christmas!
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