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Well I'm not in a fabulous mood today because of work troubles yesterday...but we won't get into that because today is prob'ly the last time you'll ever see or hear from me...I'm going (by myself) to Mississauga for Andrea's bachelorette (the shoe shopping and dinner anyway...). I don't think I"ve been to Mississauga since Pete and Dan were in gymnastics. I have no idea where I'm going...but I do have a better idea of where I'm going than I do of how to get home. So goodbye all!

Also I have an embarrassingly girlie movie that I got for $7 at Zellers...where the lowest price is the law every day!! And I really like it! I had forgotten how cute and underrated it is!

So anyway...answer yesterday was Gilmore Girls: Rory and Lorelai (Rory explaining to her mom re: Logan & the lobster for dinner). Scores are all the same as yesterday.

New quote:

C1: If the homosapiens were in fact homosapiens, is that why they’re extinct?
C2: Homosapiens are people
C1: Hey, I’m not judgin’!

Good luck! And good-bye! Soon I'll be lost forever to the evils of Mississauga!
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