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Do do do do doooo....

Ok so I get to update at a normal/regular time. Yay me! I got a super cool new green sweater from Carianne for my birthday today! Apparently my birthday celebration continues. Woohoo!

So I don't have much to say. Greg was at church today for the last time before he goes away. I gave him my very wise advice: Don't step on needles, wear steel toed boots, and never fall asleep on the street because someone will prob'ly steal your shoes. So now that I've told you all the excitement of my life, on to quote of the day!

The answers for Friday and Saturday were:

Friday: Seinfeld - Jerry and Elaine
Saturday: Gilmore Girls - Lorelai, Sookie, and Luke


Sarah: 230
Daniel: 145 (although you should have more...)
Jennifer: 264
Melissa: 83
Sarah: 209

Hip hip hooray! Oh and Sarah, that "French man" is Michel. Just for future reference.

New Quote:

C1: Hey there girly... how you doin'?
C2: Sweating like a pig actually and yourself?
C1: Now there's a way to get a guys attention huh?
C2: My mission in life but obviously I struck your fancy so you see it worked... the world makes sense again. just a reminder it's a movie quote, and I'm looking for actors not characters. Have a good day everyone!
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