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Random Entry...

Well if you're looking for the quote of the day it's in yesterday's post so good luck with that! I made some tasty porkchops I totally had something to say in this entry and now I have absolutely no recollection of what it was. My hair feels really big to me today...I'm making this entry because I'm a bored shut-in. Sarah is too busy to talk to me and Jennifer has to eat...although I did have a rather interesting conversation regarding Sassy and PIe (that's still hilarious to me...) with Nat. Oooooh...good times. Apparently my car won't be ready until tomorrow. I had even thought of going out tonight but that dream died when I had no car. **sad face** I really want to see "American Dreamz" but I know nobody else who does (since my tastes are freakish and bizarre) so I'll have to wait until I rent it. Or drag Peter would not happen. I finally saw a preview for "The Lake House" which I've been wanting to see a preview of for FOREVER and it looks good, I'm pumped. Even though it's a remake of a some movie I've never seen and will prob'ly pale in comparison I'm thoroughly pumped. Yay for Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves doing another movie together.

Well, now you've been updated on my weird and flaky not to mention boring life. The end.
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