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I need sleeeep...

Hello everyone!

Today I'm at school...even though it's Friday...because I have to have a meeting with my French Culture teacher and my partner regarding a presentation we have to do next Wednesday and we aren't even close to prepared...not even in the same neighbourhood...and today we leave for Acquire the Fire which would normally be exciting if I wasn't so very stressed out about being in charge. I never want to be in charge of anything ever again! NEVER! It's could just be the people I have to work with but I don't think so.

Well, I better go. Every time I come to school I hear this silly Stuck in the Middle with You song that Sarah introduced me to and it gets stuck in my head and it's on again! Aaaaah! I hope you all (I say all like I expect that more than a few people read this!) have a wonderful weekend and stuff!

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