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I'm free!

Wow I'm feeling really super weird about being done school. But also VERY good. So in order to celebrate I'm doing some extra fun quotes today! Sorry I was just distracted because I'm watching the special features on my GG dvds...and they just were like "Yeah, we don't even know what we're talking about half the time" and it made me laugh...but anyway, since most of you don't care...The answer yesterday was MST3K - Crow. Here are the scores:

Sarah: 204
Daniel: 130
Jennifer: 238
Melissa: 83
Sarah: 179

Here are some random quotes in celebration of my freedom...I haven't planned this out so maybe there'll be more than one quote from one show! Ooooh...this is me mixing it up a little!

Quote 1:

C1: It’s like a dog and a liver treat. If you have a liver treat, the dog will like you, and that’s us
C2: Which one are you, the dog or the liver treat?
C1: I was the liver treat, and I thought I was the collar or a really cute leash but I’m not!
C2: I want to chime in and be supportive but…I don’t know what you’re talking about

Quote 2:

C1: This stuff is all that’s wrong with the world and it’s sitting up in my living room!

Quote 3:

C1: It is more suspenseful when you don’t know what’s going on…

Quote 4:

C1: And maybe one day we will live in a house made of cheese…
C2: I hope so

Quote 5:

C1: I have no idea who you are but boarding this vessel is an act of war, ergo we surrender. And as prisoners of war I invoke the all nations agreement, article number 39436175880932 stroke B
C2: 39436175880932 stroke B? All nations attending the conference are only allocated one car parking space? Is that entirely relevant sir? I mean, here we are in mortal danger and you’re worried about the Chinese delegates bringing two cars

Good luck everyone!! Enjoy your extra freedom quotes!
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