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Here I am!

Hey guys, I'm back after a pretty fabulous Easter. On Sunday we had a delicious Easter dinner at Auntie Donna's house with a whole bunch of other people (mostly family). After dinner we played Shout About Movies...well, not right after...we cleaned up and stuff, loaded and unloaded the dishwasher..that sort of the thing then we played the only Shout About Movies dvd that we hadn't yet so we have now played all four (You rock Sarah!!) After playing all of those we went to bed...then today we just hung out for the day was really nice because for some reason, even though I have two exams this week, I was actually able to relax! I was shocked. I wasn't thinking about school hardly at took me back to the summers when we lived in Kap and used to come down for a couple of weeks and we'd just basically do whatever with no worries and stuff which was weird because I know we both have tons of stuff to do and think was really nice! I actually don't remember the last time I was THAT relaxed.

Anyway, I also got some fantABULOUS birthday presents!! Gilmore Girls Season 1 (which I TOTALLY was never's one of those things you put on your list but you don't expect anyone to get it for you...) Full House Season 1 so now I can relive my childhood over and over. Good times~! I also got a Barlow Girls cd that we listened to all the way home today (which was good because it took us over two hours to bet to Kitchener because the 401 was CRAZY backed up for 3:30 in the afternoon, we thought we were leaving early enough that we would be ok...apparently we were totally WRONG!!). It's got a pretty even balance of both bouncy and pretty which I always appreciate. And Peter and Frankenstein gave me Sabrina (the old one with Audrey Hepburn) which was fabulous because altough I've never seen it, I've always wanted, Audrey Hepburn and Bogey in a movie? How can you pass that up?!? Oh and my Grandmother gave me a lottery ticket (lol...with which I won nothing, but it's the thought that counts), some money - which is always appreciated, and a little afghan to put over my knees when I'm watching tv or a movie or whatever!! And it's quality because it's got Christmas colours (it's green, red, white, and brown) so it can be Christmas all year round!!

Wow...this is turning into an actual entry! I have to get to bed because I'm exhausted and I have to spend like all day tomorrow studying because I've been totally slacking off! But I before I go, of course the quote of the day! The answer to Saturday was Friends: Phoebe and Monica, Sunday was tougher because it's a pretty old movie...that's such a lie!! Not crazy old but you know...oldish...One Fine Day: George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer (you were really close on the spelling Sarah!) and Monday (today...wait a's only Monday...why am I updating this now? LOL!! I'm insane but I've already written this crazy long entry and you've all had plenty of time to make a guess...ish...) NEW PLAN!! I'm not taking away any points if you didn't guess because it was Easter Weekend and I'm updating early..'cause I'm on the crack the answer for Monday was Red Dwarf: The Cat and Rimmer.


Sarah: 201
Daniel: 130
Jennifer: 234
Melissa: 90
Sarah: 175

I'm still chuckling about how stupid I am! Ok so anyway this'll make it easier to focus on studying tomorrow anyway! Ok so the new quote (which you have all of tomorrow to answer!) is:

C1: I’ll open with a tuna sandwich
C2: Tuna?
C1: Oh, the dolphin thing?
C2: They’re dying in the nets
C1: The whole concept of lunch is based on tuna!
C2: Can’t you incorporate one unselfish act in your daily routine?
C1: When I’m driving I let people in ahead of me all the time, I’m always waving people in…go ahead, go ahead, go ahead…(gets the LOOK) Alright, I’ll have the chicken salad

So there it is! Any other news from me?? Not really...I'm sorry, I don't remember if I wished you all a happy Easter!!! Just in case I didn't I'll do it now: Happy Easter!! I hope you all had a fantabulous holiday!! Talk to you Wednesday!
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