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I have finally done it...done what you may ask...I've lost it. I'm sure of it. And not in the "You're really weird" sense or the "You're crazy" sense but the actual real thing. There is no other explanation. I talk to myself (both out loud and in my head), I answer myself (see previous brackets), and I argue with myself (see previous brackets). I think that says it all.

Well...I guess now I have an excuse for being so weird...Oh well, anyways, I'm sure people are already bored enough with this subject that I should move on. I love Drayton in the fall. Especially our street (prob'ly 'cause I don't usually get off our street...) but it's SO unbelievably pretty. I mean, today it wasn't quite as pretty 'cause it was gray and raining and the leaves didn't seem as bright as usual, but if I weren't my cheap self and wanted to get film developed I would definitely take pictures of Drayton during this time of year. I got supper tonight! Oh yeah, that's was the usher appreciation dinner...they let me have some. Mmmmm noodles in tomato/meat sauce, ceasar salad, and cake...

Oh yeah...I "helped" at the bar again this weekend. Well, I pushed buttons when I knew where they were and gave people change...I have a new mandatory rule for silly people: Stop using $20 bills to pay for $2 things! It just doesn't make sense! I mean, it wouldn't be so bad if it was only a few people...but guys, I hate to break it to yah, everybody does it! There really isn't enough change to deal with 50 people who are all using 20s...get a clue!

Well, that's my rant. I have an excuse, I'm psycho. It's just the way I am.

Well, see yah in the funny papers (what does that even mean?!?)
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