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Here I am again!

Ok so I'm in Durham (today was a Good Friday breakfast) but I'm still hard at work making the quote of the day happen because that's just how dedicated (and slightly pathetic) I am! So anything new in my life? Well, I turned 23 yesterday (thank you everyone for your birthday wishes) but I don't really feel any different because I've considered myself 23 since January and have actually had to think about it before now when people asked me. Someone would ask how old I am and I'd be like Ummm...23? Oh no! 22...yes, you can't get much better than this! I had an excellent birthday dinner yesterday: lamb, Marj potatoes (which are the most amazing potatoes ever...seriously!) and then homemade cake for dessert (with homemade icing). It was all delicious! Other than that...not too much. My parents and I watched The Prince and Me because Mom had never seen it. We're having spaghetti for dinner (Mmmm...good) before they drive me home. That about sums up my life. Oh! And Dan called to wish me a happy birthday and I hadn't talked to him in what feels like FOREVER so that was nice.

So, the answers for the past two days are:

Red Dwarf, The Cat and Lister
Seinfeld: Elaine and Jerry

So the scores are:

Sarah: 194
Daniel: 130
Jennifer: 232
Melissa: 90
Sarah: 166

And here is the new quote:

C1: "D" is for drive, "R" is for...
C2: The "r" in drive!
C1: "R" is for reverse.
C2: Right, reverse.
C1: And "1" is...
C2: The loneliest number that you'll ever know!

Good luck all!

**edit** If you're ever looking for the list of characters that I quote you should put my entry November 12, 2005 in you "memory" (if you don't know the characters in the shows very well) because it has my character lists! Just a suggestion if you're having troubles remembering because some of the quotes coming up may have characters that I haven't been using as often so that just for your information if you want it, that's the entry it's in: November 12, 2005. I think. lol
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