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Yay for Quote of the Day~!

Ok so I'm back for now. I'm so proud of myself! I did some workin' out this morning yay me! And then I've been cleaning/organizing my room all day (although at the moment it doesn't really look like looks more like my room exploded but my closet is clean and I got a good deal of laundry done - our dryer was broken for awhile and then when it was fixed I was away so I was desperately in need of doing some laundry) and then I tried out a new recipe for dinner so I feel like I got a lot accomplished today. Ok so the answers for the quotes are:

Friday Quote: Seinfeld - Jerry & George
Saturday Quote: Red Dwarf - Rimmer, Kryten, & The Cat
Sunday Quote: Maverick - Jodie Foster & Mel Gibson (anyone who has not seen it should! It's a hilarious good time!)
Monday Quote: Gilmore Girls - Rory and Lorelai


Sarah: 191
Daniel: 125
Jennifer: 227
Jaime: 30
Melissa: 89
Sarah: 160

Good job guys!!

New quote:

C1: Is this a documentary on how to do this…whatever this is?
C2: Oh she’s a stunt nun you know; I saw her do an interview on the sci-fi channel

Good luck all~!
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