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Ok so I'm going to be unable to make quote quizzes for the next couple of days so I decided I should do them all at one time! So in this post you will find Friday (yesterday...hehe...oops!), Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. The answer for Thursday was Friends, Chandler and Phoebe so the scores are:

Sarah: 184
Daniel: 115
Jennifer: 214
Jaime: 30
Melissa: 89
Sarah: 151

The Quotes:

Friday Quote:

C1: I think Superman probably has a very good sense of humour
C2: I never heard him say anything really funny
C1: But it’s common sense! He’s got super strength, super speed… I’m sure he’s got super humour

Saturday Quote:

C1: Recommend immediate, total, and unequivocal surrender
C2: Sir, surrender is the worst thing we can do. They despise humans and all forms of humanoid life. They believe you to be the vermin of the universe.
C3: I didn’t even know they’d met him!

Sunday Quote (Movie Quote)

C1: What's with you and Indians anyway?
C2: Oh nothing, I try to shoot one every day before noon, how about you, Coop? I figured it was their fault too... for being on our land before we got here.

Monday Quote:

C1: So you mean someone broke into our house, went past our TV, our stereo and our jewelry, then headed straight for the booster club cashbox, took $18 and left the rest?
C2: Some burglars aren't as greedy as others.

Good luck!!
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