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I totally didn't update with a quote for you yesterday so I apologize and I'm going to put two today so...yay! The answer yesterday was Red Dwarf, The Cat and Rimmer. On another note I actually did some working out this morning! I'm so proud of me! :D

Sarah: 180
Daniel: 114
Jennifer: 211
Jaime: 31
Melissa: 85
Sarah: 144

Here are the quotes:

Quote 1
C1: Now would be a good time for some phrases: a woman’s purse; A flag on the moon; A man murdered. I’ll check back in a moment.

Quote 2
C1: Our powers are greater than we know
C2: He actually likes it when we come for Thanksgiving; all these years and we never knew
C1: Hmmm...he's the Grinch and we're Cindy Lou Who

Good luck all!

*Edit* I've been tagged!

Each player of this game starts with the "6 weird habits/things about yourself" and people who get tagged need to write a blog of their 6 weird habits/things, as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

1. I talk to myself out loud...a LOT. I think it comes from living, well...not on my own but I guess just spending a lot of time on my own. For example, I often have my own running commentary of my daily activities. I am also saying everything I'm typing as I type it...what can I say, I'm a freak!

2. Almost everything I hear makes me think of a movie or tv show which, tying up with my prior strange habit, I will either mention out loud or at least laugh/chuckle about out loud. Example? Yesterday I was going to bed and I realized I hadn't taken out my contacts and (out loud) said I can see really well! (that's when it hit me that my contacts were still in) and then I'm like a little TOO well...which brought to mind the infamous TMNT reference : " a little TOO Raph!" and then I giggled all the way to the bathroom.

3. I always need to have something on in the background, whether it be a movie, tv, or music. I can't deal with just doing one thing. Sometimes I seriously think I must have A.D.D. I've been distracted from doing this list like 25 times already. I usually have a tv show/movie on, a neopets game, and the internet or msn on at all times.

4. I love to know (and do know) interesting/ random facts about movies and actors. I spend much time at imdb looking up movies that are coming up, facts about actors and movies/tv shows, and quotes from movies/actors/tv shows. I visit imdb almost just as much as lj...some days more!

5. I hate taking the bus. I don't like sitting in those little seats facing the other random people, I don't like when I have to sit next to people (yes yes yes, I'll get flack because they need somewhere to sit and blah blah blah, and I realize that and have nothing against their right to sit there...I just don't like it...) I don't like wondering when exactly it is that I'm supposed to pull the bell string thing...I just hate taking the bus. The end.

6. If I don't check lj at LEAST twice a day I get all fidgity and feel like it's been weeks since I've been online. Then I feel like I don't know what anybody is up to and I'm out of the loop.

Oh and I'm supposed to tag people...but I choose not to because I don't have enough people on my friends list and most of my friends are on Sarah's list so tagging from me!

The (real) end!
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