beksi_cola (beksi_cola) wrote,

Quote of the Day!

Ok so the answer yesterday was MST3K Crow, so here are the scores:

Sarah: 174
Daniel: 106
Jennifer: 193
Jaime: 31
Melissa: 85
Sarah: 123

And here is the new quote:

C1: You are full of hate and loathing and I've got to tell you I love it!
C2: It's so good to have someone to share this hate with.
C1: My pleasure
C2: More coffee?
C1: Yeah, please. Hey, tomorrow, if you have time, I'm planning on despising everyone who says "Hey, how's it going".
C2: You're on.
Random Person: Hey, how's it going? (you don't need to guess this person)
C1: Oh now that's just too easy!

Good luck all!
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