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Monkeys and Bananas

You know what really confuses me? Theatre people. Not people who work in theatres, because I just happen to be one them (yeah for box office attendants!). It's the people that go to the theatre that I don't understand. 95% of all theatre patrons are old retired people. And don't get me wrong, I have nothing against old retired people. I'm eagerly anticipating the day that I become one. I find that there are two "types" out there: the really nice, sweet, grandmotherly types and then there are the ones that are thoroughly convinced that, first of all, the theatre's sole purpose is to rip them off, and secondly the world/theatre should revolve around them.

I've decided that through this journal entry I'm going to clear up one of the most popular "confusing" policies. One FAQ which we are frequently asked is: What? Why aren't there seniors rates? If you note the percentage given in the previous paragraph the answer seems obvious enough. Giving seniors a special rate would make NO sense. Our senior rate is, really, our regular rate because our "regular" customers are seniors. I know this may be hard to grasp but if you think about it long enough, the logic behind it all may come to you.
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