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Yay for more quotes!

Ok so despite my pounding and unyielding headache I am making up for the weeks of no there is a movie quote as well as a quote from each show:

Quote 1
C1: I don't look good
C2: What are you talking about? You look totally cool, like a real chick!
C1: I look like the Korean Buddy Holly
C3: Buddy Holly was cool!
C1: May he rest in peace but Buddy Holly was NOT an attractive man
C3: I find him attractive
C2: Dude, don't say every thought out loud

Quote 2
C1: That was a TERRIBLE throw!
C2: Well I'm not going to throw it right to you, that's not real!
C1: Look at me! My big concern is what's real?

Quote 3
C1: Are you of the school that when faced with bad news prefers to hear that news naked and unvarnished? Or are you of the ilk that prefers to live in happy and blissful ignorance of the nightmare you’re facing?
C2: Ignorance every time
C1: Congratulations, sir, you’ve come storming through your medical with flying colours!

Quote 4
C1: You're really moving to California?
C2: [points to his head] Up here, I'm already gone.

Quote 5
C1: I can't deny anything you've said. But you're a big fat liar.

Movie Quote
C1: No. No quiero oir nada. No quiero que me digas una palabra. Estoy harto de todos tus mentiras. Esos son todos lo que me has dicho. Cobarde.
C2: What does that mean?
C1: It means that you are a liar and a coward. That's what it means.
C2: It sounded so much prettier in Spanish.

And this last one is from a tv show that's not on the list but the quote made my day...for fairly obvious it's a bonus! You get a point for the character and the show.

Bonus Quote!
C1: You know, David and Maddie on Moonlighting didn't like each other at first either!

Good luck!! :D

Back to my stupid headache...
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