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Well it's Bruce Willis' birthday and I'm told I'm sad but I just wanted to let everyone know, because he is awesome. So there you have it, and in honour of him, some random Moonlighting quotes:

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Maddie Hayes: David, may I please have some ANSWERS?
David Addison: Delaware, all of the above, 90 degrees.

Maddie Hayes: "Exactly"'s all in capital letters. What do you think that means?
David Addison: I think it means exactly what it says.

Maddie Hayes: Brian Baker called me names. Preston Holt lied to me. Omar Gaus mocked me. I don't think I like men anymore.
David Addison: We still like you.

Maddie Hayes: They're following us!
David Addison: Of course they're following us, naturally they're following us, this is a chase!

The end.
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