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Soooooo exhausted...

Ok so it's been a relatively busy week, what with Sarah being here and stuff...but whatever. It doesn't really matter to most of you anyway :P...Let's just leave it at: What the heck is with a party starting at 8:30 and going to 12:30?? Especially one with a band that only knows one tune...or so it appeared. All their songs sounded the same to 4 hours they played 3 good songs. That's not much of an advertisement. Not to mention that I'm completely exhausted because we didn't leave until 12:45 and so we didn't get to Sarah's house and to bed until after 2...and then had church this morning...I'm soooo glad that I wasn't driving all the way home. That would have been some bad times. I would have prob'ly fallen asleep at the wheel and died. So I have to say a huge THANK YOU to Sarah for coming and keeping me awake and rock! And I miss you already!

Ok, so quote of the day. Answers: Quote 1: Friends - Phoebe, Ross, and Rachel, Quote 2: Red Dwarf - Rimmer and Kryten

Sarah: 151
Daniel: 104
Jennifer: 180
Jaime: 31
Melissa: 76
Sarah: `100

Yay people~!

New quote: (movie)

C1: Have you have any traumatic experiences recently?
C2: Like what?
C1: Oh, I don't know. Like DYING?

Good luck folks!
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