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Long time, no regular update!

Ok so I figured I was probably due for a "normal" update, don't worry the quote of the day will still come later. I know you were all shaking in your boots. So I just looked at the map to the Jack and Jill...hahahaha...take the 401? I don't think I've ever done that EVER. I guess there's a first for everything, and Sarah will be with me...hahaha! That sooo doesn't make it better...well, it will make the trip more enjoyable, but it won't help us get there in one piece. Oh could happen...

I'm soooooo tired. If people hadn't woken me up at some insane hour...;) I don't blame you guys I don't know why I locked it! I knew I wasn't supposed to. I think my hand just acted independantly without my mind's permission. C'est la vie. So I woke up from some crazy dream (if I'm woken up suddenly I never remember the dream, but I remember it was really bizzarre!) and I kind of somehow made it out of bed and to the front door which I unlocked...then I don't even remember going back to bed! But I must have because I woke up there this morning. My life is pretty crazy times. I didn't even really see Sarah at all! So this afternoon it is! I soooo need sleep though I don't know how I'm able to function. Actually, I don't know why I'm prof wasn't here for Geog. so we watched a movie! I was like...I wish I'd slept in and just come for the tutorial! 'Cause I didn't really get to bed on time last night and then with the 12:30 fiasco...let's just say I did not get enough sleep. Especially for me, 'cause I'm an old woman :P

Any other news??? Ummmm...well, I learned in the video today that floods suck. And you shouldn't mess with Mother Nature. Other than that there is just lots of school...but Sarah is here so we'll be sure to have some good times and watch some more Moonlighting (Some walk by niiiiight...great now the silly song is stuck in my head!!)Hopefully I get out of my Geog tutorial early today that would be nice...then I can get all caught up on...or somewhat caught up on...schooly things in my spare time. Does anyone know how to use a microfiche? I've honestly never used one...and I don't know, do I need to ask the library for it? I'm so confused. What ever happened to the good ol' days of only needing to cite books? What's with articles? Especially Spanish ones. I mean, even if I find any what are the chances that they will have anything at all to do with my topic? Man, teachers are mean. Well, I better be off and get some stuff done and all that...hope everyone has a fabulous day and I'll see you all later with quote champion!
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