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One more class...

Well, there's just one more class between today and the weekend...I don't want to still be here...but I'll go because I'm me, and because I really should...and yeah. As exciting as that was. Anything new and exciting in my life recently? Hmmm...not really. My life remains the same except that it's Thursday, when did that happen? Honestly, this was the fastest moving week of my entire term and after this one more class my term will be one third done. When did all this happen? I feel like someone else has been living my life and not letting me know what's going on!

Anyhoo...I have so much to do...two tests next week I really need to study for but I know I won't get as much studying done as I want to. Meh. Thank you people for commenting! I felt all special! I didn't even think people read this thing...I guess I'll have to try to start living a more interesting life. Well today in Spanish Business my prof asked me a question, because by some crazy unexplicable coincidence he remembers my name, and I answered it and he was like "what?" and then he got someone to look it up and apparently I had been correct only they didn't use the same word as I did but I checked with Faye and she thinks I was right too so it's not just me. I just have a crazy prof...that doesn't like turkey! He's from South America though and they don't celebrate Thanksgiving so he's safe.

Well, I guess that's all. Everybody have a fantabulous Thanksgivig weekend! (In case I'm not able to write again before next week)
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