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Well, I survived the first two days back...barely...

It's amazing how uncreative I I type in my subject titles it always comes up and I'm like oh yeah! I used that one already...Anyway, I'm so flying by the seat of my pants for school which is SO not like me. But there you have it. And just two days of school wiped me right out, of course in two days I had a test, a presentation and a "trabajo escrito"...good times! So the answer yesterday was indeed Red Dwarf and it was The Cat and Rimmer. Yay Red Dwarf! And an extra yay for accents! And Sunday was The Sixth Sense, Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment. Yay Die Hard!


Sarah: 147
Daniel: 105
Jennifer: 170
Jaime: 27
Melissa: 72
Sarah: 88

So the new quote:

C1: What's this?
C2: It's a garlic press...
C1: This would definitely do a foot!
C2: Step away from the knife!
C1: What's this?
C2: That's a lemon zester
C1: Let me zest a lemon!

So me and Sarah...only neither of us would know what we were

Good luck all!
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