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Ok so here I am again...'k so anything new with me...? Here's a shocker: not really. Dan was here today and we watched some Red Dwarf and then we went out to get some ..ummm...why did we go out? Hmmm....well, we went to the bank...and got vinyl and sister bonding Other than that...I've been learning that Lauren Graham is pretty hilarious in real life (or at least in interviews...oh, and just so you know Hannah...'cause you care and favourite show to see her on is Conan...although if I got to go to show I'd pick Ellen 'cause she almost always gives away one of the seasons! Wow...I just gave you guys FAR too much information that you didn't care about...) she would really fit in with our family...ok. The end. So the answer to yesterday's question was: Red Dwarf: Lister and Holly. So the scores are:

Sarah: 146
Daniel: 107
Jennifer: 158
Jaime: 23
Melissa: 68
Sarah: 76

Yay people! (I'm trying to bump it earlier again...'cause it was getting too late considering school starts up again next week)

New quote:

C1: You’re not going to die alone! I mean, somebody will be there, somebody will know! Somebody will find the body and call the police…

Good luck all!
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