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Quote of the Day

Yay Quote of the Day! So the answer to the last quotes are: Seinfeld: Jerry and Kramer, and Zoolander: Ben Stiller and Mugatu. Scores:

Sarah: 140
Daniel: 108
Jennifer: 155
Jaime: 23
Melissa: 63
Sarah: 71

Hip hip hooray! So reading week has started yay reading week! I started it all off with Sarah where we watched much Moonlighting season 3!! I so enjoy that show. So now to get some sleep! Yippee-ki-ay! So the new quote is:

C1: Well, you know how people say Tulsa is the Paris of Oklahoma?
C2: Who says that?
C1: People who have never been to Paris…

Good luck everyone!

oh and because I'm feeling so Moonlighting-y here is a Moonlighting quote for the day:

Maddie: Wipe that stupid grin off your face.
David: This is the smartest grin I know.
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