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Quote of the Day

I'm so super tired from school today that I have absolutely no energy. But I am still here, posting my new quote. 'Cause I'm just that dedicated. So the answer yesterday was Friends: Phoebe and Monica. The scores are:

Sarah: 132
Daniel: 110
Jennifer: 139
Jaime: 17 (nice to see you back!)
Melissa: 52
Sarah: 57

Go team!

So here is the new quote:

C1: What is it?
C2: It’s a rent in the space-time continuum
C1: What is it?
C3: The stasis room freezes time, makes time stand still, so whenever you have a leak it must preserve whatever it’s leaked into….and it’s leaked into this room.
C1: What is it?
C2: It’s a singularity, a point in the universe when the normal laws of space and time don’t apply.
C1: What is it?
C3: It’s a hole into the past
C1: Oh a magic door! Well why didn’t you say?

Good luck everyone!
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