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Happy Valentines everyone!

Well here I be. And there is not much in the way of news. My life remains the same. Except that for the first time since highschool I put my hand up and volunteered an answer in one of my classes...TWICE. You should all be proud of me. I mean, she would have made me answer something anyway, so instead of staring at the table and thinking: if I look at the table long enough I will no longer be visible; I will be one with the table! I answered questions. It wasn't so bad. I don't anticipate doing it again anytime soon though.

So the answer yesterday was MST3K and the characters were Tom Servo and Mike. So the scores are:

Sarah: 132
Daniel: 110
Jennifer: 136
Jaime: 14
Melissa: 50
Sarah: 54

Yay peoples! The new quote is:

C1: I have actual magical powers!
C2: I can hear traffic and birds…I can hear the voices in my head again!

Good luck everyone! Stay cool and happy! (only 3 days to go!! and one of them is only a half a day!)
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