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Well here I am again...

I hate that I'm so sad and grumpy!! I can't seem to shake this. Anyway...I told you wasn't going to bother you guys with my weird "depressions" anymore so no more unhappy talk! So yeah, today sucked. The end. Oh except I saw another HI-larious X-files today. I'm sooo easily amused! Unfortunately that was the beginning of my day...I should have known it could only get worse from there! Anyway, the answer to yesterday's question was Red Dwarf , Rimmer and Lister (I laugh at that part every time...he just won't shut up!! It's some good times!) Scores:

Sarah: 124
Daniel: 111
Jennifer: 123
Jaime: 16
Melissa; 41
Sarah: 44

Go team! I'm so proud (and thankful) that you guys keep guessing!! It really does make my day. I haven't been this "cheerful"'s amazing what I'm calling cheerful now! since this morning. So here is the new quote:

C1: What if she gets upset?
C2: You distract her with a Barbie Doll

Good luck all!
p.s. check out my awesome Mulder icon! (and just to review: Easily amused!)
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