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I managed to trick y' did that happen? So the answer was Gilmore Girls Lorelai and Sookie. So there you go. Scores:

Sarah: 124
Daniel: 112
Jennifer: 120
Jaime: 16
Melissa: 38
Sarah: 41

The new quote:

C1: So there we were at 2:30 in the morning…I was beginning to wish I had never come to cadet training school. To the south lay water, there was no way we could cross that. To the east and west two armies squeezed us in a pincer. The only way was north. I had to go for it and pray the gods were smiling on me. I picked up the dice and threw two sixes. Couldn’t believe it! My go again, another two sixes!
C2: What’s wrong with you? Don’t you realize that nobody is even slightly interested in anything you’re saying? You’ve got this major psychological defect which blinds you to the fact that you’re boring people to death! How come you can’t sense that?
C1: Anyway I pick up the dice again...Unbelievable! Another two sixes!
C2: No one wants to hear some stupid story about how you beat your cadet school training officer at Risk!

hahaha...Good luck!

**additional for those of you who care/are bored enough**
Why on earth do they have to yell Federal Agent before they go after the bad guys? Ok...I kinda understand because what if they're wrong...but still! Clearly the bad guys are going to run away! Furthermore...I need therapy I think! I get too involved in these shows! I mean...HELLO! They're not real! I'm totally aware, but that doesn't seem to do anything for me...I still get all caught up and yell at my monitor. Crazy people. As most of you know I'm still into the X-files for my spare time because I've now seen all of Friends, Seinfeld, Red Dwarf, and I'm up to date on Gilmore Girls. I haven't seen all the MST3K but that would take up a LOT of space so I'm going to wait until after the "Friends" fest I'm hoping to have before I do that because I don't like to have to go looking through my cds for episodes...and I never know what season the episode I want is in anyway. So that's an update on my pathetic life. Other than that I've been uber busy doing schoolwork and stuff...I'm soooo tired and ready for Reading Week!
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