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I've become very paranoid about driving in snow covered road conditions and so honestly, the subject/title of this entry was being uttered over and over as I drove here today. Stupid school and having to hand things and being unable to skip. Well...that is not true..I totally skipped yesterday because there was no way I could get there...the weather was bad and my driveway was full of snow and I had nobody to shovel it for me and I've been shovelling and removing snow for the past 2 and a half days now and I gotta say, I'm kinda sick of it. I'm sore all over from the hour and a half or so I was out there on Sunday and then yesterday I was out shovelling for another hour or so. I love the snow but I gotta tell you...this is getting OLD. I'm even skipping my tutorial today because I'm afraid to drive home in the snowiness in the dark. BAH HUMBUG.

That is all I have to say. Except: Ow.
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