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Big Fish

Well, the silly German exam is over and am I ever glad! The stupid thing was the hardes exam I have ever written! Now I am done until September and I'm soooooo happy! Yay!

We had our sleepover and it was a blast! We watched Big Fish which I definitely give two very enthusiastic thumbs up. It was an amazing movie! I loved it. It's a thinker though so if you don't like thinker or kinda strange then I wouldn't recomend it for you. Not that anybody reads this 'cause nobody knows that I have an online journal 'cause they would be bored out of their skull if they actually read it.

Well, I'm kinda depressed today (*shocker*, I find I'm depressed alot recently) so I can't really think of anything else to say except that everything is a big fish! See the movie! You'll be amazed!
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