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I actually kind of have stuff to say today!

So I actually have stuff to say and I'm going to write about it in here because it's such a rare occurence. So, yesterday Jen and I went to Swiss Chalet and it was super duper delicious! That or we just haven't been out in a long time...but you know how sometimes you feel like your getting the end of something or the leftovers from lunch? Totally didn't happen! Plus there was an uber special deal where you got two side dishes for 7.99 so we decided to split it and got the Cheesy garlic loaf or whatever it's called (which is always fabulous) and the chicken quesadilla (which I think was new...and I highly recommend it!). So that was last night.

Today didn't start so good because I had this horrible dream that I went into the ditch...but then it kinda got funny 'cause my mom was hitching a ride with some hippies and happened to drive by and so she stopped to help me out (sooo much funnier if you know my mom!). So then I got up and went to school and whatever...and then I went to class and found out that if ANYTHING can sucker you into getting married it would prob'ly be Spanish poetry by this Bécquer glad you don't understand Spanish!! But my prof was super funny as usual. Then I ran into Jen and we decided to go to the Carpenter Shop (which is TOTALLY called something else now...but I still call it that :D) and I ended up buying a cd for the first time in ...FOREVER...and I really like it. It's Rebecca St. James' new cd. Yay if you know who she is...tough if you don't ;). And now I'm home and hungry so I'm eating some good ol' coleslaw and will prob'ly have a Michelina's later. My life so totally rocks!!

So the answer to yesterdays quote was hard 'cause I've never quoted those characters before! So I'm giving you all 2 points because you got the right show and participated. So good for you guys! The answer, btw, was GG and it was Zach and Brian. Scores:

Sarah: 117
Daniel: 109
Jennifer: 108
Jaime: 18
Melissa: 37
Sarah: 30

Go team! So here is the new quote:

C1: Listen! Can anyone hear anything?
C2: No
C1: Precisely! No one can hear anything! And you know why we can’t hear anything? Because there are no sounds to hear.

Good luck guys!
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