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Dum de dum...

So, today at work this crazy man started banging on the glass doors at the theatre like there was a fire or something...but he was trying to get in instead of out...the when he sees us looking at him like he's crazy he comes in and then says "oh, it's open". I'm like...what, are you a freak? Why wouldn't you try the door first? So that is my interesting story for the day. That guy seriously scared me half to DEATH. When he started banging on the door I was sure he was absolutely inSANE. No joke. I'm still not sure he's not.

So anyway...the quote of the day yesterday was from Red Dwarf, Rimmer and Lister. So the scores are:

Sarah: 106
Daniel: 101
Jennifer: 96
Jaime: 19
Melissa: 32
Sarah: 19

And the new quote of the day:

C1: They wanted me to audition!
C2: What, you an actor? That’s MADNESS!

So good luck all! Oh and this has been a common question so I am going to address it. If you have already guessed and wish to change your guess it's OK This doesn't mean you can guess multiple times, if you do that I will only take your most recent guess. So you can either delete your previous guess or just make another one. So yeah, guess away!
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