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Quote of the Day!

Well here it is, Monday night/voting day. Good times. I guess everyone waits until the last minute to vote 'cause I wasn't done school until 4:30 and then my parents took Peter and me out for dinner (Boston Pizza = delicious!) So I hope you all went out and voted...I did! Even though I'm soooo not into politics. I just pretend I made an informed vote because I read things and then say "yes...that sounds good...". So anyhoo, I don't have too much to say like always...I have to start getting up insanely early on Tuesdays now because my stupid French class is talking on msn to some students in Kazakstan...I don't know if that's how it's spelled. But for reasons I don't understand we have to go into the school to do this at 8:30. I'm already mad enough that I have to go in at 8:30 for Geography on Wednesdays! So my Tuesdays now start at 8:30 (6 if you count when I get up...) and don't end until 5:30. That is sucky. Especially since I have like 4 hours between the stupid French thing and my first real class. *sigh* Anyway so the answer yesterday was Ocean's Eleven, Brad Pitt and George Clooney were the actors...I'll try to pick a movie you've seen next time Melissa! So the scores are as follows:

SaraH; 92
Daniel: 85
Jaime: 20
Melissa: 24
Hannah: RIP

So here is the new quote...good luck everyone!:

C1: This is the sun, your call is very important to us but due to unusually high call volume…
C2: (Sun goes back down) The earth is thrown into chaos, earthquakes floods…but that’s fine…you knit your sock!

hahahaha....oneof the FUNNIEST episodes of this show EVER!!
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