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How did it get to be now?!?

Well I waited for people and then time got away from me and here I am updating at NIGHT sucky is that? So tomorrow I'm going to be updating on the early side so you night owls better guess tonight...'cause most of the people I know aren't up and about in the morning. So the answer yesterday was Friends and it was Ross and Joey. So the scores are (assuming I was right when I guessed which was Jaime's and Melissa's??):

Sarah: 87
Daniel: 86
Jennifer: 69
Jaime: 21
Melissa: 22
Hannah: RIP

So yay peoples! And here is the new quote:

C1: Look when they get out on that battlefield, don’t you think the enemy are going to try and kill them?
C2: They won’t need to; you’ll have wiped them all out first
C1: I know what I’m doing! We attack tomorrow under the cover of daylight!

hahaha...good times...and because I can't include Moonlighting in this line up here is the quote of the day from Moonlighting:

Maddie Hayes: Well, let me remind you Mr. Addison, that one case does not a detective make.
David Addison: Well, let me remind you Ms. Hayes, that I HATE IT WHEN YOU TALK BACKWARDS

Good luck all!
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