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I'm impatient today

What the heck is with this weather! Yesterday: winter, today: spring, supposedly tomorrow: winter. Ok so I know technically you guys still have until 5 to answer the quote of the day but I'm too impatient to wait for you so I just won't take off any points for not guessing. So there you go! The quote yesterday was from Seinfeld and it was Elaine and Jerry...such a funny episode. So the scores are as follows:

Sarah: 85
Daniel: 86
Jennifer: 63
Jaime: 18
Melissa: 22
Hannah: RIP

So the new quote is:

C1: This guy could be my baby’s stepfather!
C2: They go on one date and you’re worried about them getting married? He’s not you!

Good luck! I'm too out of it to say anything more. Hope everyone is having a good day!
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