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Ok so to make it so I can update in the daytime again I'm going to post both todays and tomorrows quotes now. I am so not a night person! So the answer yesterday was Singing in the Rain for the first one, and Groundhog Day (Bill Murray) for the second one. The scores are:

Sarah: 80
Daniel: 84
Jennifer: 61
Jaime: 19
Melissa: 22
Hannah: RIP

Yay everyone so the quote for today is:

C1: I’ve been listening to you whittling on now for what seems like two ice ages! My mind is so numb and brain dead I feel like I’ve just attended a three-day seminar entitled “The Future of Plumbing”
C2: * sigh of contentment * At last you’re talking to me!

And the quote for tomorrow:

C1: Oh, it's just part of the American way: turning a neighboring country rich in culture and beauty into a goofy appetizer.

Good luck everyone!!
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