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Movie Reviews 'n Stuff

Hello all!

I know I said I'd write more about stuff yesterday but I was taken out for dinner and then we were looking at cars for Peter. We found a good one...apparently...although it stinks inside and is a totally icky colour...I figure that'll just make mine look good in the driveway ;).

Oh and I have a story about that too. We went to like "Bob's Used Cars" or something and ended up talking to someone who, for the sake of anonimity, we shall call George. It didn't get creepy until we went inside. It was just a big square room with "desks" that looked very much like tables (no drawers, no nothing) in the four corners. The rest of the room was empty EXCEPT for the patio set that was for sale in the middle of the room! Ok, so George takes us over to his "desk" and we sit down. At this point mom and I both got to sit in lawn chairs which I thought was pretty decent of them (although they were just prob'ly trying to make another sale). So we're sitting there and everyone else is paying attention to the car mumbo jumbo that I don't understand so I'm just kinda staring at guy's "desk" which has nothing on it except for a picture of 2 kids and I think a pencil...Anyway, all of a sudden I start to focus on the conversation which has started to make more sense, and realize that this guy is completely desperate to sell this car! He has stooped to saying things like "This is a great deal! This is my job, it's how I feed the little ones" (at this point he gestures towards the picture sitting on his desk). He must have told us what a great deal we were getting 10 times (this is NOT an exageration...of course that's combining our outdoor conversation with our indoor conversation). It was after this that it started getting really creepy...George sends Dad and Peter over to some guy's office (the only guy with an office in the whole one-room schoolhouse setup. Mom and I then went over to where the money obviously went, a leather couch and big screen tv. As we sat there nonchalantly trying to figure out how to work the stupid remote control (football just isn't my thing). Some nice individual (the only not creepy guy) came over and showed us how to work the silly thing...apparently we weren't as discreet as I thought...'K, so THEN some punk kid (well, he as at MOST 25) tries to buy our (and when I say our I mean mom and dad's) car out from under us. " big's the engine?" "I dunno" "miscellaneous car gibberish" "I think so" "How many kilometers?" "I don't's not for sale." "Everything's for sale" Is anyone ELSE creeped out yet?!? Then he and George just stood there looking at us. It was at this point that I realized I wanted out. Luckily it was just at that point that Peter and Dad finished talking to Billy-Joe-Bob the car guy with an office and we were gone. I had left my purse in the car because when we arrived it seemed like just another car place but now...after quickly checking to make sure my purse was still inside (which it was thank goodness!) we left.

Now, nobody else seems to support my theory, but I don't think that was really a car place at all. I bet if Peter tries to call them Tuesday he'll reach some little patio furniture store or something. The car's prob'ly bugged. Honestly. I bet that picture on his desk of those children was cut out of a magazine. Seriously. Who in the real world uses the phrase "I have this job so I can feed the little ones"???? It sounds like a line out of a bad movie. Not to mention his "trying to make us feel comfortable" with his little curry story. Don't ask. Anyways, that was yesterday. And I haven't even started my movie reviewing yet! That's the title for pities sake!!

So, Tuesday night Jennifer and I had a semblance of a chick flick (with the exception of Hidalgo)fest. I have decided to let my "readers" know what my thoughts were on each of the movies...althoug, please keep in mind that we started at 6 o'clock at night and weren't done until 8 the next morning. Also beware...there are **SPOILERS** I'm going to title each review so that if you haven't seen it you can choose whether or not you want to read it.

Movie #1: Win A Date With Tad Hamilton
This movie was VERY cute...Topher Grace is fantastic...good job! The only flaw that I saw was that you actually LIKE Tad Hamilton. First chick breaks Topher's heart, then she breaks Tad's heart. How evil is that? It would have been easier to accept had we not liked Tad. I mean, if he'd been an evil Hollywood megastar who was just using chick then her breaking his heart wouldn't have been so bad...'cause she wouldn't have really been breaking his heart. However the matching of the end to the beginning was excellent. All in all a cute movie.

Movie #2: Ella Enchanted
Ohmyword! If there was a real prince Charming it would be Prince Char from Ella Enchanted! He is ALWAYS sweet, he is NEVER bad...I mean, when he lets them arrest Ella it's 'cause she tried to kill him so I totally understand where he's coming from. Not only that but what an AMAZING accent! *sigh* So, I was already sold on the movie, but then Anne Hathaway sang and it was cool...and she was really singing. There are also many funny scenes with the waycool elf...and the book boyfriend...A definite enthisastic TWO thumbs up!!!

Movie #3: 13 Going on 30
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It pulled me right in...I was talking to and yelling at the characters...ask Jennifer. She can attest to the fact that I was actually sitting up with my eyes glued to the screen and my cup in my mouth even though I wasn't drinking. Another VERY cute movie...I don't really remember any flaws except they give a LOT away in the preview...most of the best lines and scenes are in the preview. Other than that it got an enthusiastic two thumb up.

Movie #4: Hidalgo
Ok, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie BUT my suggestion to you is do NOT watch it really late at night, it's far too serious for that! I tried to sing along to the soundtrack to keep myself awake but Jennifer did not appreciate this...spoilsport!! Anyways, if you're in the mood for an inspirational quality movie, Hidalgo is the way to go. Good job Viggo!

Movie #5: The Prince and Me
Another movie I thoroughly enjoyed with an amazingly sweet prince with an even more amazing accent. The only flaw with this movie is that they push the envelope by adding an extra rejection. You know how in a regular chick flick one of them likes the other, but the feeling isn't mutual and then they fall in love and then one rejects the other and then everything still ends happy because they get back together. Well, this movie has an extra rejection and I didn't feel it needed it. I was confused 'cause the movie went longer than anticipated. Apparently in the original script they weren't going to even get back together after that extra rejection. 'K, maybe it's just me, but when I watch a chick flick there NEEDS to be a happy ending. It just have to happen. Otherwise I'm just not happy. I was definitely emotionally tied to the movie though because I was supremely bitter when they let the butterfly go (you need to see it to understand, but one of the definite upsides to this movie was the AMAZING proposal). This is a very cute movie (heck I'd watch it just for the accent...but that's just me) and enjoyable. For girls only, prob'ly though.

Movie #6: Laws of Attraction
Ohmygosh! This was a fantastic surprise! Neither of us really knew anything about this movie but we got it 'cause it looked like it was full of chickflickey goodness. What a good movie! Not only was Pierce Brosnan (yet another great accent!) incredibly sweet but he was also pretty hilarious! Well, maybe not hilarious but definitely really funny. The best line in the whole movie..."Oh, you've got one too." A must see in my little world and definitely an addition to my Christmas list.

Well, this has to be one of my longest entries ever but now you know all about my amazing movie watching experience. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every movie we watched. These are all great chick flicks (except Hidalgo which was just a great movie in general). Well, this entry took me all day to write because it's now, like, 3:00 and I started at 8:30 this morning (but I had to work 9-3 so that's my excuse, a half hour lunch just wasn't long enough). Well, this is me signing off to the amazing Impossible Dream!
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