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Well, I've decided that since this is such a busy time of year I won't be posting any new quotes of the day until the new year. I just can't guarantee that I'll get a chance to post every day or have access to a computer. Just so everyone knows the answer yesterday was Red Dwarf and it was in fact Rimmer and Lister. Yay Red Dwarf!

I really...have nothing to say...oh yeah! I saw King Kong...just in case people haven't seen it or don't know the story It was a very very well done movie. But two things stuck out for me: King Kong dies!!! I have to admit, I didn't know that's how it ended...until my mom told me it ended sad and I figured it out. It was well acted and stuff...but very sad. It made me as proud of the human race as when I watched Catching Trouble. People SUCK!! And stuff. Oh and there were lots of ewey bugs...yech. I haven't decided how many thumbs it gets because I'm still dealing with my disappointment in mankind.
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