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I'm sooooo tired!

I'm very very sleepy...I blame it on the eye doctor...and not getting enough sleep of course ;). So it's been some good times 'round these parts but I have to go back to work soon (yay lunch break!). The quote yesterday was from Gilmore Girls and it was Luke and Lorelai so the scores are as follows:

Sarah: 59
Daniel: 70
Jennifer: 53
Jaime: 11
Melissa: 9
Hannah: 10 RIP

Good work everyone!

It is some good times today because miraculously I got a day shift so I get the evening OFF and Sarah and I are going to see The Family Stone which promises to be some good times...and we get some popcorn/McDonaldsy good dinner...or something equally healthy. We still haven't got to finish Moonlighting yet and there's only one more DVD to go! Maybe tomorrow depending on how much time we have between me dropping Sarah off and the fambly dinner in Durham. We shall see.

Anyway, the new quote is:

C1: I'm sorry; clearly you're not a psychopath.
C2: That's right! Now get out before my dog orders me to shoot the president!

Good luck everyone!
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