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My eyes!!

Ok so going to the eye doctor SUCKS. Especially when you have to drive home. My pupils are as big as m whole head! Ok so that's an exageration but it's still true nonetheless! So yeah. That's my story for the day. Other than life has been full of happy fun times with Sarah, Daniel, and sometimes Peter (when he feels like stooping down to our level :P). We watched all kinds of Christmas movies last night and wrapped a bunch of presents and went Christmas shopping...super happy fun times! So anyway, the quote yesterday is from Seinfeld and it was Jerry and Kramer. Good times...good show!

Sarah: 57
Daniel: 67
Jennifer: 50
Jaime: 9
Melissa: 6
Hannah: 10 RIP

Good job guys!!

So here is the new quote:

C1: My shoe broke! I need you to fix it!
C2: Do I look like a cobbler to you?
C1: If I say yes, will you fix it?

Good luck everyone!
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