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Quote of the Day!

Ok...bonus question!!! Today you get an extra point if you can tell me whose birthday it is! (*hint* this isn't a famous person, it's someone I actually KNOW). So I don't have much time because I'm at my parents house and we're getting ready to grocery the answer to yesterday was Without a Paddle and the actors are Matthew Lillard and Seth Green. Yay! So the scores are as follows:

Sarah: 50
Daniel: 56
Jennifer: 37
Jaime: 0
Melissa: 0
Hannah: 10 RIP

Everyone's doing awesome! You guys are great! So here is the new quote of the day:

C1: You know what your problem is? Your standards are too high.
C2: I went out with you.
C1: That's because my standards are too low.

Good luck! I'll see you all tomorrow! I might even have time to make a regular entry tomorrow. Yay me! I hope everyone is having a good day...I know I am because I actually got enough sleep last night. :)
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